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You are not “just teachers, You are the mentors of the World’s greatest resource"

Children! So join with us to create wonderful kids to the world

Why do you want to join happygainers ?

  • Our most important assetsare our people, their ideas and their talents.
  • WHEN YOU JOIN HAPPYGAINERS you will be encouraged to think about our own career development and to take advantage of learning and as well as teaching opportunities
  • Learning is very easy for the child as they are taught by qualified staff,
  • It is child friendly
  • Teachers will find easy to assess the child too
  • Each subject is categorized into sub modules and each child can master the area he needs

Why should teachers join 

  • Teaching is very easy and could reach a large amount of students in one step
  • Could earn more for each lesson
  • Could assess the child and check the records and present an evaluation sheet to the parent
  • Could afford a certificate to the child
  • Could create a large student base through joining
  • Would create a life term earning process
  • Gives a good value to the ability of the teacher
  • Always provides friendly assistance



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You are not only a teacher but an awakener of a nation. Being a teacher is a highly rewarding role. Many teachers will attest that teaching is one of the few professions where you can genuinely make a difference in the lives of others.

"You are not “just teachers, You are the mentors of the World’s greatest resource Children!"

So join with us to create wonderful kids to the world.
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•There is a unique platform for each teacher and ample freedom to use our website to teach your kids .

• Increased flexibility of time

• Increased flexibility of location

• Access to depth and breadth of resources and information

• Exposure nationally as well as internationally

• Receive an outstanding income



Affiliates with British council, BLAFPA ,Trinity college London National and international exams